Monday, September 27, 2010

Ghostpoet - The Sound of Strangers EP

"Cause she left in the morning,
took her suitcase, left without warning,
I messed up but I'm alright cause,
I know shes coming back,
well I hope so..."

My, my, my, what do we have here? Got sent this gem of an EP the other day from the homie Dan at Don’t Sleep. He’s getting him to voice a radio ad for the new ICSSC club night (also called Don’t Sleep), which has bass maven Deadboy headlining. I can see why Dan hit him up for it, the mans got a well geezer accent, with a ghostly tinge to it, perfect voice to entice the punters into some bass adventures in the Bakery.

Ghostpoet’s Sound of Strangers EP exists very much in the linage of UK trip-hop, and is a direct descendant of Massive Attack, circa Blue Lines. This is especially evident on the lead of track of Gone, a masterful story telling exercise concerning drunken infidelity and the false confidence that his girl will forgive him, over a dubbed out beat and meandering bassline.

The beats split the difference between the plodding trip-hop of yesteryear and the skittering drums that characterise garage and bass music today, and Ghostpoet sounds well at home over them. However when the EP closes on Love Confusion, the initial shock of hearing his Electric Relaxation remake almost made me hit the mute key on the laptop to avoid the train wreck I was certain was coming. Yet as soon as Ghostpoet starts rapping, all my fears were confirmed to be unfounded, it’s clear he was born to rap on laidback boom bap tracks like this.

Don’t sleep on Ghostpoet, he’s almost guaranteed to be a major force in the UK in no time at all. Reminiscent of Daddy G, Roots Manuva, Mike Skinner and Jamie T, he’s no doubt going to be your new Local City Poet. Just in case you geezers didn’t know it……

<a href="">The Sound of Strangers EP by ghostpoet</a>

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