Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Reggie Rockstone x The Avalanches

Once upon a time The Avalanches promised the world (and the citizens of its small but dedicated message board) a new album really, really soon. This would have been 3 or 4 years ago now. However in order to placate their die hard fans they periodically posted links to remixes, old mixes hard to find and new mixes never before heard on their website. While the list of promised mixes remains unfinished, like their album (seriously Detox aint got shit on this, at least Detox has a name.), we were lucky enough to hear the absolute jewel of a mix that is Some People.

Some People plays like a tropical island party version of Since I Left You. It draws together their more pop and hip hop influences heard on the At Home and Gimix mixes with the old breezy Caribbean pop from the Live (Cornerstone) mix. I've listened to this mix more times than I'd care to mention but I still can't work out how they did it. The mixing on it is impeccable and I'm sure it would have taken more than two decks or else the use of some edits I would kill to get my hands on.

One of the more prominent jams in the mix is the one posted above, Eye Mo De Anaa by Reggie Rockstone. Research tells me that its a classic hiplife record from Ghana, however since I'm not an expert on African music (which following the advent of Vampire Weekend, apparently everyone else on the internet is) I will simply accept that at face value. What is important is that the song is an absolute monster. Totally craving the chance to play it at a house party one day, I'm sure it'd go down a treat. Do yourself a favor and download this classic mix and go and BUY the Rockstone track. Good times will no doubt ensue.

The Avalanches - Some People

Dr. Dre - Forgot About Dre

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