Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Twelves x M.I.A. x Lemon Jelly

Absolutely crave The Twelves. This clip shows why they're so good, with them reworking their massive M.I.A remix of Boyz and mixing it into Lemon Jellys classic tune Stay With You. These guys essentially paved the way from the blog house explosion of a few years ago with their remixes and mixtapes to the thriving disco/Balearic (fuck i hate that word) scene of today. And while they don't get the cred of someone like a Todd Terje or Lindstrom, they keep it grounded in remixes of the big indie artists, showing the kids on hypem that they don't have to settle for noisey pieces of shitty electro. Would really love to see them live too one day, slept on them last time they came through Perth. Not a mistake I will make again.

Until that day comes though I will keep this mixtape on blast. Its indie dance goodness will live on forever. It's seriously good stuff.

The Twelves - Twelfth Hour Mixtape

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