Sunday, August 15, 2010

Deadboy - Rhythm 'n Bass

Dubstep changed a lot of things. Its still unbelievable popularity on dancefloors worldwide has altered many things in the world of electronic music and as a result what’s getting produced for the dancefloor. Its so starkly different in both tempo, rhythm and sound from anything else, that it has captured the attention of DJ’s the world over, meaning even on the most superficial level, most sets will have at least a few dubstep tracks in it. More importantly though, it’s having an impact on a wide range of genres, from electro and house, to the California beat scene, and the original UK bass staples of Garage and Two-step.

This is where the badman Deadboy fits in. Coming to Perth really soon for DON’T SLEEP at the newly revamped Bakery venue, hes bringing his brand of future garage and bass music to unsuspecting punters and dance floors here in on the best coast. Yet despite what my opening paragraph may have you believe, his style has more in common with the forward thinking R&B of Timbaland than the wobbles of conventional dubstep. Rather, I mean to argue that the popularity of dubstep has opened doors on dance floors for other styles of music that have similar low-end aesthetics and focus. So while Deadboy may not have the crazy wobbles audiences are used to, he’s just as important and relevant now as a Rusko, Magnetic Man or Joy Orbison.

Deadboy wears his R&B cred on his sleeve, doing garage refixes for Cassie and others. You can hear what sounds like chopped up Usher vocals on ravey anthem U Cheated over that very, very low bass and skittering drums, while downtempo garage tune If You Want Me, has clattering diva samples while keeping the mood sounding more like a traditional R&B tearjearking ballard. His resulting catalogue is dripping with heart and bass, and will get the club going ham.

As a result we have music that sounds more like Timbaland in his prime, when he was making forward thinking R&B for Missy Elliot, Jay Z and others, instead of his far more insipid recent work with people like One Republic and Katy Perry. Its music which no matter which audience its aimed at or for what purpose sounds like the future and despite its weirdness compared to its contemporarys still strikes a chord with the average punter.

This influence can also be heard in fellow British bass merchants The XX who wrap themselves firmly in the twin influences of R&B and bass music, yet have managed to peddle this music to the indie kids. With Jaime XX on the MPCs and decks, the group have grounded what are essentially R&B tracks with heavy bass music or in the case of their Florence and the Machine remix, garage. (Also for more dubstep cred, check out his fantastic mix for Collette). The only real difference between them and Deadboy is that Islands wasn’t made for the dance floor.

Make sure you get out to the Bakery on October 16th. This is where music is going, mark my words and you’d be foolish to miss out on it. Remember, DON’T SLEEP!
Deadboy - U Cheated
Deadboy - Unofficial Girl (Ft. Cassie & Lil' Wayne)
Foals - Spanish Sahara (Deadboy Remix)
Tweet - Oops (Oh My) - LINK REMOVED
Jack Penate - Pull My Heart Away (Jamie XX Remix)
Jamie XX - Mix for Colette 10

NOTE: All this music has really low bass on it. HEADPHONES OR SPEAKERS ARE A MUST. Your laptop cant handle this shit.

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