Monday, April 19, 2010

This Is Happening.

Wow. Just wow. This isn't just happening, this is fucking amazing.

I'm a big LCD Soundsystem fan for a number of reasons. Firstly, I worship DFA for both its dance-punk and disco (and now its classic rock, true story), I even have a t-shirt. I think i loved them from the first time Murphy claimed that Daft Punk were playing at his house, transposing a childhood dream of mine to song. I delved into their stuff, from the epic Yeah (crass version) to Losing My Edge. The monsters of Tribulations and Disco Infiltrator became songs that went onto every playlist back in the day.

What was different about these tracks was that they weren't really dance tracks. They were songs. This is something that I've really been trying to highlight on this blog. So much material that's out these days, the endless barrage of remixes, everything becomes just another track, some halfway cool idea that's never really fleshed out beyond the flashy and oh-so-now production into a SONG. Something that's going to last. And that's what James Murphy really brought to the table. His awesome song writing ability always gives these songs their own life and soul.

And to make it all the more sweeter, he got better! Sound of Silver to me represents the first time i really put effort into listening to an album and got more out of it. When i first copped the album, I used to listen to Time to Get Away and All My Friends and that was it. But friends made me sit down and properly listen and appreciate it. And jesus fucking christ I'm glad I did. Every song on that album is brilliant from the epic disco build of Get Innocuous, to the heartbreaking Someone Great, the joyous choruses of Us vs Them and the loveletter to a city that I'm finally going to see in two weeks, New York, I Love You, which me and my friends still drunkenly howl along to or make up stupid lyrics for. (EASY MAC I LOVE YOU, BUT YOU'RE BRINGING ME DOWWWWWWWWNNN.)

With that, we come to the new album. This is one of those glorious times when all your expectations are met. Every song on this album is killer. To those of you who hate the song Drunk Girls, you are obviously not having enough fun in your life right now, you should work on that. Dance Yrself Clean is an absolute monster with that epic drop around the 3 minute mark that makes you lose your shit. There isn't a bad song on here seriously, this is a fucking fantastic album. Highlight has to go to All I Want however. This song just gets me every time, its sounds like what The Strokes should have been making all this time instead of fucking around with sub par albums and side projects (Little Joy not included, I love that album). An understated spiritual successor to All My Friends, its the sort of song that not only makes everything okay, it also makes me prone to exaggerated hyperbole.

Alot of good music has come out this year. 2010 has been an amazing year and we're only 4 months in. Whats been good about it is the abundance of new bands, new sounds that makes music exciting for the fans. While they may not be fully formed yet as artist, theyre doing great stuff, putting out good albums and songs.

LCD Soundsystem is on another level entirely. While others are putting out awesome debuts, they have honed their skills in both production and songwriting. This might just be their masterwork. Well done gents and ladies, this is amazing.

Stream the album HERE -

LCD Soundsystem - 45:33 (Prince Language Remix)
Franz Ferdinand - All My Friends (LCD Soundsystem Cover)

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