Monday, March 21, 2011

Toddska - Gal From England

The better side of the Toddla T and Roska collaboration. Real big fan of this tune and its a good sign that Toddla can still bring some serious vibes when he needs to. One assumes that when you're in the studio with Roska, you go more to the Skanky Skanky side of your catalogue rather than the poppier sounding, upcoming sophomore effort of Watch Me Dance.

Skanky Skanky is a favorite of mine. Really fun album without being cheesy (at least to my ears) and one of the first modern dance release that I heard a few years back that took me away from the straight up electro sound. While the first drops from the new album seem a bit cheesy to me, I hope some of the deeper album cuts bring it back to the Toddla sound from the first album.

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