Monday, March 21, 2011

That new, new Deadboy that aint come out yet.

Bout fucking time too. XLR8R posted up this sampler of the 3 track EP that Numbers will be putting out in April apparently. Keeps his style of RnB vocals with the heartbreaking tones and massive bass intact, with maybe a little bone thrown towards wider appeal. Be interesting to see what this will do for his career and if he achieves the success he really deserves. On another note, id like to see what he can do with other types of vocals. His remix of Foals Spanish Sahara is really something special. He leaves it alone in the track, and it feels almost lonely in a track of cavernous bass and sparse keys. The guy has so much potential, can't wait to see where he goes in the future.
Deadboy - HERE (Preview clips of NMBRS15) by Numbers

"Deadboy is ill" - Drizzy

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