Saturday, February 19, 2011

Radiohead - Lotus Flower

I hearby declare that a dance off must occur between Thom Yorke and Matt Berninger. At the earliest convenience.

Song is dope, still need to check the album, but from here it seems like they're still very much in that In Rainbows sorta sound. Moreover I really don't have any real insight on Radiohead. I grew up reading music magazines and internet lists that constantly put Radiohead albums at number one (obviously with good reason), so they've always had some sort of legendary status in my mind.

I've always just had them pegged as a great band, without really thinking as to why. Despite having an OK Computer poster on my wall, they're not a band I listen to alot of. I go through phases really, of playing bulk Radiohead, then none at all. I remember there was a year in high school where i had 2+2=5 on constant repeat, with a few other songs. Since going to university, I've been in a happier place so my listening has dropped, though I still love the band. Gonna spend some time with this album I reckon. Looking forward to it.

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