Friday, February 18, 2011

Get High/Rule The World

Mad prop's to Don't Sleep for putting this on. Perth has a few hip hop nights around and while they're fun and feature some amazing DJing, they're a little bit dated, stuck in the 90's if you will. There's no shame in that, but Don't Sleep is here to offer something a bit different.

Get High Rule The World will bring you the very best of modern hip hop, from the hits that pass us by down here in Australia, to obscure mixtape cuts, the avant-guard of the internet, a bit of LA Beat, a touch of R&B, alot of bass and of course all that classic shit that we all know and love. We'll be keeping it up to the minute and taking it back, so long as it gets your head nodding and dancing.

Think Outkast, think Curren$y, think Yeezy, think Weezy, think Nosaj Thing, think Pharcyde, think Odd Future, think Dr. Dre, think Cassie, think Cool Kids, think Vado, think Missy Elliot, think classic Timbaland and Neptunes, think Starlito, think Biggie, think Drake, think Wu-Tang and all the solo projects, think Dilla.

Also cheap booze!

Anyways, to get ya in the mood, here's a mixtape I put together for it. Enjoy, tell me what you think. Hope ya enjoy!

Get High/Rule The World: Vol. 1 by 72 & sleepyhead

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Scenic said...

nice!, digging the Dazed and Confused reference

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