Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Top 10 Moments of Southbound 2011

For the uninitiated and foreign, Southbound is a 3 day camping and music festival about 3 hours south of Perth. Its about a third of the size of a festival like Bonnaroo, but keeps a similar chilled vibe, yet far stricter and has a major population of those under 18. None the less its fun weekend and a great way to start the year. Here are my top ten moments from this years edition.

10. Cloud Controls use of Pepper by Butthole Surfers for ‘Gold Canary’. 90’s gold, pure and simple. Expression of pure joy on my face, confusion for everyone else around me.

9. The Bamboos covering King of the Rodeo by Kings of Leon. God I miss old Kings of Leon. Aha Shake Heartbreak sound tracked the end of high school for me. This was a reminder of better times.

8. The sing-a-long to Morning Benders ‘Excuses’. The friends that I was staying with taught me this song over the weekend. They’re harmony nerds, but even I can appreciate how dope this song is. Even better live too with a virtuosic use of a loop pedal.

7. Interpol actually acknowledging the crowd. OMG THEY SPOKE TO US!!!!!

6. Sampology’s amazing VJ set. Saw the crowd probably quadruple in size over the course of his insane party. Highlight would have to be the Dr. Dre vs Tom Hanks section….

5. Tame Impala's sublime sunset set on the final night. Just too good. Perfect timing. Loved the ten minute jam during Half Full Glass of Wine.

4. The bulk cowbell dance session for The Rapture. We were knackered after 3 days of music. Still managed to find a bit more energy for a dance to the boys from NYC

3. A–Trak's closing set insanity. The final act for the festival saw the tent transformed into an impromptu beach rave with giant beach balls, a large beach umbrella complete with an absolute clinic in DJing from the Fool’s Gold bossman. Set had to be stopped momentarily due to one punter thinking it was a good idea to climb one of the 30m pillars of the tent. Trizzy did an excellent job of talking him down with promises of icecream.

2. Matt Berninger's onstage drunkenness and banter. A National gig is always an excersize in controlled insanity with the lead singer, as my mate put it, being like a Labrador puppy in the care of the two sets of brothers, and often likes to go walkabouts and occasionally misbehave.

1. A strangely clock-less Flava Flav asking the crowd to do his catchphrase before revealing the clock he had hidden under his shirt all along. Crowd proceeded to go ham, myself included.

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