Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Jay Electronica x Jay Z - Shiny Suit Theory

Finally new Jay Elect. While this one doesn't have the jaw dropping ability of earlier tracks like Exhibit C or Eternal Sunshine, it hits all the right pleasure centers. And that beat is crazy, like his old stuff with minimal drums and the rhythm is found simply in the ultra strong cadence of the raps.

Also Jay Z is showing interest in rap again. Not in the 'OMG i cant believe he signed Jay Electronica! reaaallll hip hop, realllll hip hop' wankery, but in the sense that he seems like hes trying again. Over the past couple of months, especially in his stuff with Kanye (So Appalled and The Joy, specifically) there seems to be a spark back in his voice, like he feels more energized, not trying to dumb down for his audience to double his dollars quite so much. What can I say, I'm appreciative!

Jay Electronica - Shiny Suit Theory (ft. Charlotte Ginsberg & The Dream)

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