Thursday, November 18, 2010

DYP - Riverbank Dub (Feat. Albie)

The homie DYP has just dropped off this chilled out gem of a beat. It's the product of a collaboration between him and another beatmaker Albie for a contest run by the folks over at Paperchain. The pitch is two producers are given 30 bucks between them to go out and purchase whatever (old vinyl, shitty keyboards, ect) and use it to make a beat inside a day. Along for a ride were filmmakers to document the process.

I really dig the result. Its a departure from DYP's usual dubstepping and UK funky styles, but it works very well. It drifts along like a river with the Wind in the Willows sample floating lazily above. Definitely worth your time during weather like this.

Riverbank Dub feat. Albie by D.Y.P

PS Make sure you check out DYP djing around Perth sometime. Dudes an absolute beast.

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