Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Don't Let Money Change Ya!

Rediscovered this little gem, relegated to the footnotes of Pitchforks top songs of the 90's. Originally heard about it on my Christmas holidays, when my older cousin told me and about it and kept half singing the chorus. Despite the fact I wouldn't hear it for another few months and half the globe away, it got stuck in my head too.

The song itself is a morality tale, based on the life and times of Sisqo, known for the Thong Song and this genius film. Anyhoo the song itself is pretty cool, the chorus is catchy as fuck*, and Blackalicious is awesome. Remember kids, dont let money change ya!

*Why don't can't hip hop songs these days think of catchy hooks/choruses that arn't shrill pandering. Maybe people need to listen to Definition again or something, I dunno.

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