Tuesday, August 31, 2010

J. Cole - Who Dat

"Cloud told me “ain’t you roc? well where the fuck yo chain at?”
Guess it’s somethin like your girl n***a, it aint came yet."

This has been around for a minute, but this is what a young, success-hungry rapper should sound like. It sounds exciting,powerful and hits all checks for what modern rap should be. No pop hooks or Bruno Mars features. Uncompromising yet not boring and preaching about 'real hip-hop'. Doesn't stamp out his regional roots and differences for bland nationwide acceptance. Good song too.

Also a very good video, showing where he came from. BBGun is in the same boat as Rik Cordero these days, making hip hop videos that both catch the eye and keep the attention. They're unmistakably hip hop without resorting the usual 'boats n' hoes' paradigm.*


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