Sunday, September 12, 2010

12th Planet x Doctor P

Finally got to play this track last night. Despite my preference for disco and hip hop, I do enjoy any opportunity to play in the 140 bpm range. Allows me to play the dubstep, weird stuff (Radiohead, Gorillaz, Schlacthofbronx, Bird Peterson) and southern hip hop that I don't normally have the chance to. So anyways, was djing at this house party and since one of the guys I was swapping with was a dubstep DJ (he was very good, playing all on vinyl too.) I had an excuse to keep the tempo up there for a lil' while.

Now this track, while a little noisy, is just mad fun. The intro bits have that double time feel to it, which gets the crowd hyped and the dancehall style vocals fit very nicely on it. Before long it drops into that bog standard Doctor P style which the world seems to love following the near ubiquity of Sweet Shop. And yes while its less melodic than what I usually like, the track itself is so much fun, I get over my usual hangups about it.

And for those who are wondering, the party went absolutely ham for it!

12th Planet & Juakali - Reasons (Doctor P Remix)

*Disclaimer, that is not a video of the party, just so you know. Mine was loungeroom sized, however packed.

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