Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Donut Shop

Fresh out the fryer, are some new donuts from the god himself, James Yancey Dilla. Well fresh to the internet at least, the man unfortunately passed away nearly 4 years ago. However due to the reportedly vast archives of unreleased material he amassed, Stones Throw have seen fit to collaborate with Serato Records to put out a few unheard tracks along with some of his more famous instrumentals from the past few years including the one for Q-Tips awesome track (and video) Move.

You can cop these new Donuts by clicking HERE and while you're at it, head over to Pitchfork to read and listen to a surprisingly good summary of Dilla's legacy and the reasons behind his enduring idolation and influence.

Also of note is the Timeless series that has been done in his honour, entitled "Suite for Ma Dukes" (his mother). These orchestral interpretations are simply amazing, capturing the heart and soul of the originals. Do try to track down both the videos and purchase the EP.

J Dilla was a producer who never truly received his due while he was alive, but his music will continue not only to speak for itself, but inspire others long after he is gone. RIP Dilla.

J Dilla - Gobstopper
Slum Village - Fall in Love
Janet Jackson - Got till its Gone (Ft. Q-tip)

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