Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Fuck You B.O.B.

I was ready to write B.O.B off. While he showed promise with some of his early recordings, he almost immediately went down both the rabbit holes of Andre 3000 pop/rock with his Bobby Ray persona and actual shitty pop rock with his debut solo album (see lead singles with Bruno Mars and that emo chick from Paramore). He was just another new generation rapper who threw away what made them interesting and worthy of attention in order to avoid being shelved by a major label (see Wale).

Then all of a sudden he pops up on the stripped down remix to Janelle Monae’s Tightrope, spitting absolute fire. He walks all over an unusually demure Lupe Fiasco (see Enemy of the State) and a surprising good verse from Monae herself, trying her hand at rapping. It’s pretty fucking awesome.

This frustrates me immensely. There is too much good music coming out these days for me to pay attention to it all. Despite committing myself to really trying to expose myself to as much as possible, I’m still yet to even listen to the new records from acts like Flying Lotus, Ariel Pink and The Roots. And with one more artist selling out via way of radio baiting swill, it frees up valuable time to artists who are not. So fuck you B.O.B. I don’t have time to check if anything you put out is the usual swill or if you managed to sneak out something good while the label heads weren’t looking. Either capitalise on your newfound status and try and sell something without a sugary hook on it or don’t bother me with anything quality ever again.

B.O.B. - Generation Lost
BONUS - Forgot he made this, its fucking funny

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