Monday, July 12, 2010

Bare Essentials

Non-music related post here. Read an interesting list over at Yimmys Yayo for the basic possesions a man would need to live on in a somewhat skint existance. I agree with some of it, beyond the idea that this is the lsit for a man who lives in a purely urban environment (argument over what constitutes manhood to be saved for another time.)

However ways list would change with me
  • Too many plain T-shirts - leave me with a couple of band ones
  • Umbrellas are for amateurs - give me a rain jacket
  • Shorts, its hot in Australia
  • Swap The Outsider for Catch 22
  • Gold watch and lighter screams "I dream of being a modern day gentleman yet I will never ever achieve this no matter how many tumblr accounts I browse"
  • I really, really want a leather trunk though, that would be fucking cool.

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