Wednesday, May 12, 2010

North American Scum

Haven’t updated this is in a while. Sorry about that. My time at SFU is up and as such for the past 2 weeks or so I’ve been traveling around North America. However seeing as I remembered my laptop charger and I’ve got a couple of hours to kill on an Amtrak back to New York, I figured I might as well write a bit about what I’ve seen musically while I’ve been traveling.

First night in NY on the spur of the moment, decided to go to a Gossip concert. Totally worth it. Though due to extended pre-drinking and an inability to find the Terminal 5 concert venue, we* missed the opening acts of Rye Rye and The Phenomenal Handclap Band. This was a bummer cause I consider both acts to be good fun. Random NY hipsters in sombreros informed me that I didn’t miss much. Don’t know if I should believe them or not.

The Phenomenal Handclap Band - 15-20 (The Glimmers Remix)

Wasn’t too teary though. The Gossip fucking killed it. Beth Ditto has a serious set of pipes on her and dominates the stage. I know a lot is made about her voice, but damn, its strange to hear an indie singer that actually has a fucking awesome voice as opposed to the usual ‘distinct’. Band was fucking tight too, best moment of the night was when the everyone lost their shit to Love Long Distance and it seemed like this so solid band went into overdrive as they ate up the energy from the audience.

The Gossip - Love Long Distance (Riva Star Remix)

After the gig wrapped up, we flailed our way across the isle of Manhattan to the lower east side to get to the multi-level madness that was Webster Hall. Kill the Noise and Craze’s new label Slow Roast Records was having a launch party featuring some big names. Getting in for a single dollar we got to treated to some awesome heavy bass from Trouble & Bass crew member Starry Eyes (why aren’t there more female DJ’s anyways?), a blistering and technically amazing set from DJ Craze (seeing him beat juggle Sweet Shop was amazing) and ‘eavy dubstep from 12th Planet. Big track of the night seemed to be Badman Riddim by Vato Gonzalez, which got a few plays over the course of the night. Also spotted was A-Trak and his brother Dave-1 from Chromeo looking over Craze’s shoulder for most of the night.

Vato Gonzalez - Badman Riddim

Also seen during my travels so far was NY bass merchant Dances With White Girls. Saturday night in Montreal, after watching the Habs lose horribly and seeing the frowny faces of countless francophones, a bunch of us** were taken to an underground club by some male model. While the club itself was insanely awesome (its like a converted dungeon or cellar under a bar somewhere in Old Port), it was essentially populated by the cast of Hot Girls with Douchebags. Didn’t really fit in there due to the fact I wasn’t rich/pretty/possessing a fake tan/ a model. Wasn’t much of a problem though cause DWWG was absolutely killing it and I was drunk due to being fed drinks from someone’s bottle service, amongst other distractions.

Dances With White Girls - Everyones Got To Make A Living

Anyways, back to NY tonight to drink with friends I haven’t seen in a long time. After that its DC for a few days to get my politics nerd on before I finally get to stop dreaming and get to California. Oh and that little event known as Bonnaroo….

*We at this stage refers to my British friend Isabel. Good kid, unfortunately her juvieness in America put a stop to more adventures like this. Except for the time we failed to see Yeasayer and Sleigh Bells, that one was my fault.

** Us this time refers to Me, Alex, Moe, Mel and Liz. I think the models name was Felix.

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