Saturday, April 3, 2010

Hold Tight

While I love disco music, especially some of the new stuff thats coming out, often i find it kinda inaccessible. While i revel in weirdness, when its not combined with fun or a decent song, its a case of 'what's the point'. And with disco rapidly gaining tract with the indie crowds, it runs the risk of alienating alot of people.

This is not the case however for Holy Ghost's Hold On. While its a few years old now, I kinda slept on it. This is something I regret cause the song is an absolute jam. Straight outta the DFA dungeon, produced by James Murphy himself, this is something that combines an awesome SONG, with the quality disco that we're used to from DFA and those pianos and chorus that'll stay in your head for hours. It cant come highly recommended enough.

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