Monday, June 27, 2011

The End, kind of....

Yeah I'm stopping 72ways. Its been fun, a cool learning experience in terms of dipping my toes into this online world of music fandom. I learnt some stuff, mostly in that my strengths don't really lie in long form music writing. As such I think its best that I try my hand at tumblr instead. Its pretty much what I was doing anyway; some content I thought was cool and a few words here or there. Might be a better fit. But I wanna keep going and engaging with the world of modern music and criticism.

So yeah, if you dug 72 ways, please join me over at my new one danceyourselfclean. The dancing and lack of proper spacing remains, the change is because 72 was originally gonna be a new djing name for me before I decided to stick with Sleepyhead and well, I fucking love LCD Soundsystem. So yeah, hopefully I wont fall down the hipster rabbit hole too far and come up with some cool stuff. Thanks for reading!


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