Friday, May 20, 2011

Drake - Dreams Money Can Buy

Okay, theres alot to be said about Drake. He can be a little bitch, he can be whiney and petulant. He's a rapper, like Kanye's a rapper. Not technically amazing, but comes up with the lines that get stuck in your head, because they've overextended trying to stuff a little bit too much into a somewhat clever punchline and the awkward delivery stays with you. That being said, he has good songs, and at the end of the day, I'm not mad.

Where he does shine in hip hop however is his ability to carve out his own sound with his solo releases. For a guy who's only put out one commercial release to be able to push a sound of his own, its kinda remarkable (hows that go-go music going Wale?). And its a pretty decent sound. Kind of melancholy sounding, dreamy thing with big drums. Couple this with future collaborations with Jamie XX and The Weeknd, this is a cohesive vision for how he wants to sound. Anyways this leak is a continuation of that and I like it. Interested to see where the rest of it goes. Watch the internet get up in arms about that 'remaining 5' line too haha.

Drake - Dreams Money Can Buy

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