Monday, May 9, 2011

Blur - Think Tank

This is a really good album. Forget about it at your own peril. While I'm too young and not British enough to really understand this band (teenage years spent reading Q magazine drilled this fact into me before I realized that the publication was more or less Anglo-centric bollocks (a similar experience happened with Rolling Stone magazine or at least the Australian version, but the problems with that one was simpler, the writing was fucking shit.)) but I've always really appreciated their stuff; from the Brit-pop that made them famous, to the more avaunt-guard work on this album.

Ambulance is an amazing song once you get into it, really beautiful stuff, as is Good Song and Out of Time. Crazy Beat is a Fatboy Slim-produced last-ditch attempt at the charts, but least its fun and a nod back to those long gone days of Song 2. Jets is just really fucking cool.

This one of those albums that doesn't deserve to be forgotten. I know there's constant barrage of new music to our ears, and there's a more or less agreed upon list of classics to go back to. But remember, every year there is a wealth of quality and interesting albums that score (unfortunately adopting the Pitchfork scale here) a positive 7 to 8 and are subsequently forgotten about once the year is over. Maybe in criticism we should start playing favorites a bit more instead of the 'right' answers. Might mix up the lists a little bit, maybe for the better.

Blur - Ambulance

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