Thursday, February 10, 2011

Outkast - Spottieottiedopalicious (Nacey Remix)

This a hugely fun remix. Was hesitant to even click on it in the first place. Found it on some hipster blog so it could have been a total clusterfuck of what is a bonafied classic. However it's done really tastefully. It's skittering beat fits in nicely with the rhythms of bass music and future garage and makes use of the originals bpm, mostly just adds some drums to make it well suitable for the dancefloor. Well done Nacey. Totally going to be playing this out for my next gig of this type (got a support slot for Hyperdub's Cooly G when she rolls through Perth on the 27th of Feb)

Moreover its important to mention that Aquemini is definitely my favorite Outkast album. Would have bought it at the end of 09' on a whim (also my last physical CD purchase for myself), and its stayed in my car ever since. The remarkable thing about the album is that it never really sounds dated, it easily sounds like it could be from the future. I wonder what it must have sounded like to people back in '98? Prolly would have been blowing minds.

Outkast - Spottieottiedopalicious (Nacey Remix)

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