Sunday, February 6, 2011

Muscle Car Chronicles Trailer/Thoughts

Well now. Another rap/rock project out of Dame Dash's workshop. Blakroc proved it can be done really fucking well, so it'll be interesting to see if lightning can strike twice with 72ways favorite Curren$y. It seems to me that the success of any rock oriented rap project is that the basic elements of rock really need to be refined in order to not over power the vocals. It can't be overproduced an glossy. Its gotta have that knock to it, thats so crucial to hip hop. Leave the double time stuff to Girl Talk Tapes.

The drums gotta have a punch to them like a beefed up break beat. The riffs need to sound like samples and loops. And more imporantly its gotta shape itself around the rap. They gotta play nice together. And given Curren$ys versatility as a rapper and the snippet shown on the trailer, I think we might just be in for a treat here.

Also whats up with him signing to Warner Bros? I thought that was like purgatory for rappers like him. Might aswell have signed to Jive...

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