Thursday, February 3, 2011

James Blake - James Blake

I haven't been writing as much lately. Its a bad habit to get into as I think I've been getting better and the blog has seen a bit of growth in terms of traffic and response. Beyond that it's a really good way to organize my thoughts about music, and as such it's not something I wanna let go.

That being said, it's the beginning of the year. Last years stuff is getting wrapped up and compartmentalized in my head after my ridiculous Best of 2010 shenanigans, and I think I'm more or less waiting around for new awesome stuff to get me inspired again. Until that happens I'm more or less going to be devoting my time to practice and mixtape making (got a few on the way, stay tuned).

However the one thing that has really caught mine and everyone else's attention has been the stunning debut album from James Blake. I've written a fair bit on bass music on this blog and this stands as a crown jewel on the non club side. It comes from the same place as the XX, with a similar appeal, yet with a far reduced pallet of sounds. It continues bass musics fascination with 'pop' music (read R&B), and once again forgoes commercial appeal for a sweet bass sound, with its eyes firmly fixed on the floor.

End of the day this isn't really a coherant piece on the album itself, just trying to sort out some thoughts on it on the screen. The album is fantastic, I can't stress that enough. Only real question is, how important is this album going to be down the line?

James Blake - Unluck

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