Monday, February 21, 2011

Cooly G

To continue the theme of kinds self-promotion, the other set I'm playing this weekend is in support of Hyperdub's Cooly G. This is going to be a seriously mean Sunday night, with extra sound production being installed just so the little indie club of Ya Ya's can handle the bass that will be produced by this woman's set. Expect alot of bass music and funky on Sunday night, but for those unfamilliar with what I'm talking about, check out the seriously mean set she did at the Boiler Room earlier this year. Not a night to be missed if youre in Perth

PS I'll prolly be bringing some pitched down R&B vibes, some cool bass and a bit of Radiohead for my set. All part of the plan to take British music and use to to obtain fame and fortune, or you know, something like that :P

BR #39 Cooly G by BOILER ROOM

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