Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Lil Wayne - 6'7''

Welcome back Wayne. Or should I say "Young Tunafish"
Lil Wayne' - 6'7" - LINK REMOVED, sorry people
Props to Nah Right

EDIT. Just some thoughts, This has been described as the new A Milli. Aside from the Bangladesh craziness, I digaree. (The beat is awesome, love the hook). A Mill was not only crazy, but it wound up being hugely catchy because the first 'verse' was stretched out so that you could hear every dose of insanity Dr. Carter espoused. As such it became a sort of sing along freestyle that you can't help but rap along too. This was the source of A Milli's ubiquity for me.

6'7" on the other hand sounds like something that's the best and most refined version of something one would find on Da Drought 3. Which is awesome. Thank you Weezy.

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