Thursday, November 4, 2010

Drake - Fireworks (Deadboy's Slo-Mo House Edit)

Cudos to The Fader for rubbing it in how much I missed out on when I was too sick to make it out to Deadboy the other week. By all accounts I missed an amazing show. But I’m not too worried, there are plenty more events from Don’t Sleep coming in the future.

I could write something about how the bassey house and ghostly R&B are so hot right now and this is the cutting edge blah, blah, blah, wank. This is one of those tracks that goes beyond genre exercises and hangups. The simple truth is that what Deadboy has done with this edit is cut away all the excess from the Drake original to get to the heart of what he was trying to express. Problem with a lot of Drake songs isn’t necessarily the emotion he’s trying to convey, it’s that he fumbles around with how to present it and so the sentiment is lost. Couple that with his annoying rhyme pattern and a weird sense of stature and entitlement and what should be resonant winds up being grating (cheese).

This edit just works for me really. Combines my appetite for forward thinking dance music with the fact that right now I just feel like music that isn’t the usual pump up and get ravey stuff. Sometimes people like dance music but don’t feel happy. And what better artist to express inexplicable and unreasonable melancholy with than Drake? Part of me would love to drop this in the middle of a huge set at a club, just to see what happens…

This is coming out sometime soon on a limited edition vinyl pressing called Cash Antics Vol 2. You better believe I’ll be buying it.

BONUS - Deadboy - Long Way 2 Go

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