Monday, October 11, 2010

Previously from Child Rebel Soldier

For those of you who forgot about Child Rebel Soldier and their old song before this weeks GOOD Friday. Lets be honest, before they were mentioned in those interviews in the days leading up to it, I'd forgotten too. The new song Don't Stop is pretty sweet, furious rapping over some proto-Brazilian beat. In any supergroup, theres a tendancy for either sheer wank as each member is convinced of their combined awesomeness thus theres no way for them to fail no matter what they do, or a lack of gelling between the members, like you would find in a more natural group. Should we ever see more from CRS (I'm not holding my breath) its more likely to suffer from problem two, yet should they continue to push out paradigms of what is conventional modern hip hop, I'm more that willing to keep listening.

CRS - Don't Stop

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