Friday, June 4, 2010

Flying Lotus and Killer Mike go Swimming

While I've had the Los Angeles album from Flying Lotus for a while now, it never really clicked with me as a full album until i gave it a spin on a late afternoon greyhound trip from Anaheim to San Diego. Los Angeles is a crazy ass place and FlyLo somehow manages to capture the absurdity and laidback feel of it in his beats. Still gotta cop the new album, but that impossible while im still traveling.

What I have always enjoyed however is his more conventional hip hop based stuff, weather its his Lil Wayne remixes or beats like Massage Situation. It these strengths that he plays to for his track with ex Purple Ribbon/currently Grand Hustle roster member Killer Mike.

This track is a far out, spacey, pool jam; perfect for summer. The drums bang in his usual future boom-bap style while the synths bubble and cascade around them and Mike's gutter rap. Combined with a laidback southern, halfsung that sounds as lazy and relaxing as the subject matter, this is a true summer jam. Genius stuff, this is what hip hop should be sounding like in the new decade. Someone needs to send some A&R's out to Southern California right now.

Killer Mike - Swimming (Prod. Flying Lotus)

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