Friday, March 26, 2010


I think I'm getting more into dubstep these days and would like to give it a shot at djing it out somewhere if i get the chance. Like with other genres of dance music, just cause it is dubstep doesn't mean i automatically love it, there is alot of shit stuff out there. just awkward drums, crappilly produced bass, just generally boring music.

Having said that, when its good its great and these days when im drinking i crave the stuff. and hell last night it was a very refreshing change from the jacking house that was being played most to the night to hear some awesome wobbles at the very end. and more so to see a crowd of average people just lose their shit to it.

The new track Tron by Joker is easily the best dubstep track ive heard. Normally i have to grow into a song or be really drunk, but this one grabbed me straight away. Check it out right now
Joker "TRON" + VIP Mix by Multiverse

Beyond that there are some awesome tracks from other producers. cop a few below that i found. Theyre not exactly obscure or fresh, but fuck it I'm new, i can get away with this.
Doctor P - Sweet Shop
Parker - Wheres my Monkey?

Parker by the way is a very talented (as well as funny) producer, make sure to track down his James Brown flip.

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